How do I set up Unity Collaborate for my project?


  • You have created a new project and wish to enable Unity Collaborate.


You may not be able to find the Collaborate option under the Services tab, as this Service is currently only available in Unity 5.5 and later.


 1. Once activated in Unity 5.5 or later, open up the Services tab and enable the Collaborate Service

This will create a new project in the Organisation that your project is currently enabled with.

2. When changes are made to the project you should see the Collab button change as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Clicking this button will show you a commit message box and a list of the assets that have been changed.

The Files shown with a plus icon have been added and those with the cross are files that have been removed.

Your Project will now be set-up, ready for other team members to pull from the Cloud. 

More Information

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