What subscription tiers are available?


  • I am considering investing in a Unity Subscription, but would like to know the tier options available.
  • I would like to use a Unity Subscription, however I want to know which tier best fits my needs.


You are a Developer/Studio looking into a Unity Subscription. You would like further insight into the subscription tiers, how they differ, and what this means for you!


Please see our Online Store for all tiers of Unity you can subscribe to.

Unity Personal

Unity Personal comes with all Engine features, unlimited platforms, and Personal versions of the cloud-based Service features.

Price: Unity Personal stays free. It comes with an annual revenue cap of $100K.

Unity Plus

An all-new version of Unity, designed for individuals and teams that need more efficiency to release commercial games and interactive experiences. Plus includes more cloud-based Service features and an optional splash screen just like in Unity Pro.

Price: $35/month for a 12 month plan. Plus comes with an annual revenue cap of $200k.

Unity Pro

The new and improved version of Unity Pro for professional individuals and teams who need complete flexibility for creating commercial games and interactive content.

Price: $125/month for 12 months, no revenue cap.

Unity Enterprise:

For large organizations.

Price: Unity Enterprise is purchased through a Unity rep, pricing upon request.


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    Asa Battle

    What additional "cloud-based services and features" does Unity Plus come with, exactly? Is there an increase in the amount of storage space a "collab" project is aloud on the cloud? Does the maximum number of people allowed on a project still only 3? Or does this increase with a purchase of Unity Plus?

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