A package I want to purchase on the Asset Store says ‘Editor Extension (one license per seat)’ under the requirements section. What does this mean?

  • I want my whole team/ more than one person to have access to an asset but on the Asset Store description, it says I need to purchase one licence per seat




If you are buying an Editor Extension, you will be required to purchase multiple seats for the asset if multiple users will be using it.

When purchasing the Editor Extension you will be able to change the quantity via the shopping cart. This number represents the quantity of seats and the asset’s cost is per seat.

If you already own the Editor Extension, but need to purchase more seats you can do so. First, ensure that you are logged into the account you used to purchase the asset, then open up the Asset Store and find the asset.

There will be a download button on the asset page, when you click this, an option will be displayed, allowing you to purchase more seats by changing the quantity. 

Once you have purchased multiple seats (copies) of an Asset you can allow team members/others to use the Asset without any issues.

More Information

For more information on our Asset Store licensing policies, please see our EULA.

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    Yuriy Srybnik

     Please provide more details for standard assets. The question is about all assets, but the answer, for some reason, is only about Editor Extensions. Can a team, working on one project, use one license for an Asset purchased from the Asset Store?

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    Hi Yuriy,

    You can use one purchase of an asset with your Team, so long as you are all based on the same site. Editor Extensions are the exception to this rule, as they require one license per seat.

    Please see this passage from our Asset Store Terms of Service for further clarification:


    EXCEPT FOR EDITOR EXTENSION ASSETS, END-USER is granted a license to install and use Assets on an unlimited number of computers provided that these computers are either all (i) physically located at a single physical location ("Site") belonging to END-USER, or (ii) laptops belonging to END-USER which have been made available by END-USER to its employees that are employed at the same Site provided all such computers have appropriately licensed Unity software installed. Consequently, any Asset may only be used at particular Site or on computers assigned to END-USER's employees employed at the same Site and may only be moved to another Site subject to prior written approval from Licensor. THIS CLAUSE 2.3 DOES NOT APPLY TO ASSETS THAT IN THE UNITY ASSET STORE ARE CATEGORIZED UNDER THE HEADING "EDITOR EXTENSIONS."

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    Tomasz Czerniejewski

    After purchase of multiple Editor Extension licenses - How can I allow team members to download and use it without giving them my account password?

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    Hi Tomasz,

    If you have purchased multiple Editor Extension license seats for your team, you can distribute the download files between these users. We would recommend you do this via a file sharing system, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.


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    Matthew Holtzem

    How does this work for a developer publisher relationship where another person/persons at a different site would have access to your project, but not actually be using the assets. Are you still required to purchase extra licenses in that case?

    Alternatively if you have a team of two, say a coder and an artist, do you need multiple licenses of code based assets that the artist will never touch? 

    Edited by Matthew Holtzem
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    Jeremy Dorn

    I am currently a solo developer with Unity Plus, and have that setup on a Mac running Bootcamp. Functionally I have a Mac and Windows computer, in accord with EULA for Unity Plus, allowing it to be installed on a Primary (my Windows) and Secondary (my MacOS) computer. However the Asset Store EULA seems to conflict with that. Section 2.4 calls out "per computer", not "per seat". Which is also in conflict with the wording used on the asset pages themselves, which use the "per seat" wording.

    By the wording used, I would need to buy a licence for both my Mac and Windows side for each Editor Extensions like PlayMaker and Amplify Shader.

    If Unity intended this to mean Per Seat (as defined there) then they should have done so in the Asset Store EULA and have it align with the Unity3D EULA. But they don't. It reads Per Computer.

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    Ari Romano Pfefferkorn

    After buying multiple assets for distributing to the team: how can I tell how many license we have? The unity download manager doesn't show that.

    There's basically no difference between having bought an asset once or multiple times (except paying more money). So it's hard to keep track of the licenses.

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    Burc Sade

    We are a team of two and I've purchased an extra seat for an editor extension. I can't see how to assign this seat to other team members. There is no page to view which asset has how many licensed seats available/in use.

    This whole 'license per seat' system is hard to understand. Please fix this...

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    Mikael Högström

    We are a team of 10-20 (varying over time) and two people need to use an editor extension. This editor extension is not a pure extension but needs to be committed with the rest of the project in source control. How many licenses should we purchase? 2 or 20? Or 25 just to be sure not to be in breach of the EULA in case we bring on some extra people at crunch?

    Is there some way to keep track of this using the unity editor or do we now need to create an excel sheet or something to keep track of who uses which license ourselves? 

    The unclear EULA and the lack of a way to keep track of licenses will probably result in us not usnig the asset store at all so please fix this ASAP.

    It would make sense if editor extensions were only that, an extension of the editor that could exist only locally on one developer's computer. But many of them need to include runtime components and must be pushed to version control along with the project. And the license does not explain how to handle this.

    I would also accept a solution where it was possible to purchase an "enterprise version" of an editor extension for say 10 times the price which allowed unlimited seats. Then we could safely put it in the project regardless of how many people later join the team.



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