How can I symbolicate iOS crash logs from projects generated with Cloud Build?


  • I installed an app from Cloud Build and it crashed.
  • The crash log has no symbols when opened on my OSX device.


Symbol files are generated by Xcode, but Unity Cloud Build does not provide the options to download the Xcode project. Symbols are necessary to translate a crash log properly. 


Please wait for Unity Cloud Build to finish your build e.g. #42, then install it on your device and reproduce the crash. Next follow these steps:

  1. Go to the cloud build project for your game, and find the dSYM and ipa downloads for the build you installed e.g. #42. At the moment, you click Install on the build in the history list, then use the Share dropdown menu, there you can use Download to Desktop for the .ipa and Download dSYM for the .dsym files.
  2. Unzip the dSYM somewhere safe e.g. into a folder called #42 . The location should be somewhere Spotlight can index.
  3. Rename the ipa extension to zip, and unzip the .app inside to the same folder as the dSYM.
  4. Attach your iOS device via USB to your OSX machine
  5. In Xcode (these steps are for Xcode 6.1.1), go to Windows->Devices
  6. Select your device in the left pane, and click View Device Logs
  7. There should be a crash dump for your game. Locate it by the process name and crash time columns and click on it.
  8. The right window should now have the crash dump with a named callstack. If not, right-click on the crash dump in the left pane and select Re-Symbolicate Log.
This should give you a proper symbolicated crash log. If you need additional help please read here or check following forum entry

If you need additional options for your .dSYM please read this post
More Information
  • Read more about it here.
  • Read more about dSYM here.
  • Read more about profiling and symbols here
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This article applies to Unity versions 4.2.2f1 and higher, XCode 6 and higher, iOS 6.0 and higher.

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