How do I create a new Organization?


  • I am a Unity Pro or Plus license holder and would like to manage access to that license within my Company
  • I would like to create an Organization so that a specific group of Developers can have access to my Project files


When you open a Unity Account, Unity automatically creates a default “Organization” under your account. This default Organization has the same name as your account username. Developers that do not have their own Studio can use their default Organization when they make purchases, or open a profile on MWU. You can always add new Organizations to your Unity account. For example if you are the Head of a Studio, you can add your Studio name as an Organization, and eventually invite other people (such as the Developers working at your Studio, or freelancers you collaborate with on Projects) to your Organization.  


To create a new Organization, please follow this process:

  • Go here and sign in to your Unity account
  • Go to the Organizations tab
  • Click the Menu button and then click 'Add new'

  • Type the name for your new Organization and press 'create'

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