How can I increase my chances of being part of a Sale?


  • I am thinking about applying to be part of a Sale or Deal on the Asset Store
  • I would like to know how I can increase my chances of being accepted as part of an Asset Store Sale


Each month Unity Asset Store runs a chain of 24 hour sales in which a single package is on sale for… 24 hours! In addition, some months feature theme sales or Madness Sales - the biggest and greatest sales of the year. Sales last from 24 hours to a full month.
Sales items receive a large amount of publicity and - of course - significant sale numbers.
Each month we select a number of packages to feature in our sales. Our selection criteria are dynamic, as in ever changing, but a few guidelines are pretty stationary. 


To be selected assets must:

  • Be highly rated by users at 4 or 5 stars. Great reviews from genuine customers are an additional blessing.
  • Be regularly updated and deliver adequate customer support.
  • Have a certain level of wide appeal. For example, one-eyed spotted alien reindeer will respectfully be surpassed.
  • Have great key images! We cannot stress enough the value of this. Whether we like it or not, the visual aspect is of significant importance when promoting your asset - both in and out of a sale. See this PDF for more info on key images.
More Information

For more information on how to apply to join a Sale, see this article.

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    Dead link on PDF ;/

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    Hi Frits,

    Well spotted! Sorry about that. I have fixed it now!

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    Antonis Fassolas

    On contact I had earlier this year with the admin of the asset store I was told that there wont be other 24 hour sales cause they use too many company resources, this contradicts this whole text.

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    PDF link is dead :/

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