How do I create upgrades for my assets?


  • I wish to create an update for my asset that existing customers must pay extra to obtain access.
  • I wish to give my existing users a grace period - an amount of days in which to download the update for free.
  • I would like to create an update option that allows customers to upgrade from one asset to another that includes my other assets as a pack.


You may wish to give your existing Asset Store customers the option to pay a smaller amount in order to upgrade from and asset such as Palm Trees Pack to a larger asset that includes multiple assets such as Mega Beach Pack.

Alternatively or additionally, you may wish to submit a large update to your asset that warrants a second purchase.


Creating Updates for your assets are easy and can be done via the "Upgrades" tab in your Publisher Admin page.

1. Go here:

2. Click the Create New Upgrade button.

3. You will be presented with the form below.

Here you can create the upgrades for your assets.

Type: Lite Edition

It is sometimes a good idea to make a “lite”, cheaper version of your software with fewer features. You can then charge customers who wish to upgrade to the full feature version of your software a set fee.

Doing so involves creating two separate packages and specifying an upgrade price!

Type: Major Version

When substantial new features have been added to a package it can warrant a major version upgrade. If you create a new version of your asset, you can set an upgrade price payable by customers who have purchased the old version of the asset and wish to upgrade to the new version.

Please note that major version upgrades are only possible after a package has been available on the Asset Store for at least one year.

Publishing a major new version of your software involves creating a new package. You will then have two packages in the Asset Store corresponding to the two versions of your software: the old package (Package A) and the new package (Package B). As a rule, the two packages should have the same name (as they are different versions of the same software) but with different version numbers.

Often, it will no longer be desirable to continue to sell Package A after Package B has been published. To ensure that new customers only purchase Package B, Package A can be deprecated. This means that Package A will no longer be available to purchase on the Asset Store but customers who have previously purchased Package A will still be able to download it. Any links to Package A will be redirected to Package B.

Once you have created your new package, all that remains is to set an upgrade price payable by customers who have purchased Package A and wish to upgrade to Package B. The upgrade price will then be displayed automatically in the Asset Store!

Grace Days

It is possible to enter a number of Grace Days. This entitles customers that have purchased Package A up to the number of Grace Days before Package B being published for the first time, to get Package B for free.

Please note that if specifying Grace Days and not deprecating Package A, customers can buy Package A and get a free upgrade to Package B.

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    Kristian Jespersen

    Will reviews and ratings carry over when doing a major upgrade, and deprecating package B?

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