How can I find out my Exam score?


  • I am interested in taking the Unity Certification Exam
  • I would like to know how I can find out my score


The Unity Certification Exam has a pass mark of 70%


The Exam score is given instantaneously on completion of the exam. You will be shown your score per topic area as well, so you can easily see your strongest areas and areas needing further study.

We do not provide answers to individual questions when scoring your Exam. This is to protect the integrity of the Unity Certification Program.

Unity Technologies is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality in its Certification Program. If you have a grievance or issue with an exam question, please send an email to to submit a description of the question and your concern to the Unity Education team.

More Information

When you pass the Exam, you will receive an e-certificate and listing in the Certification Lookup on Unity Technologies’ Certification web site. This enables potential Employers to check your credentials.

Should you fail the Exam, please see this article about what to do next.

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