How much does Certification with Unity cost?


  • I am a Unity Developer/ Course Leader
  • I am interested in taking Unity Certification and would like some information on the costs involved.


You would like to purchase Certification materials and Exam information and wish to know what budget is needed for this.



Certification Courseware costs have not yet been released.

Courseware will be available for purchase soon and you can sign up to receive a notification when it is launched here.

Once Courseware is available, individual Developer and Studio bundles will be available through our Website.

Educational bundles will be available through our Sales Team. Educational institutions who wish to offer Unity Certification to their students may be eligible for discounted pricing. We do not offer a student discount.


Pricing for the Certification Exam will vary by region. The US retail price for the exam is $250 and the Certification is valid for 2 years.

You can also sign up to take the Certified exam at one of our Unite events. For more information on the locations and dates available, please see this page. Paid Unite attendees will be offered a 25% discount on the Exam price.

More Information

For more information on Certification, please see the website here

If you require a cancellation for your Exam, please consult your certification exam event registration page for the specific refund and cancellation policy for that event. Additional information on refunds and cancellations with regard to Unity Certification is included in the Unity Certification Program Terms & Conditions.

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    Bartu Baş

    Ridiculously high price. 200$ in Turkey, seriously? Who cares about poor countries, am I right? I guess people with jobs would not bother taking those exams anyway, and people without jobs can not afford it.

    Edited by Bartu Baş
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