Why have I seen a sudden drop in my eCPM?


  • I am a publisher using Unity Ads in my apps to generate revenue
  • I have seen a noticeable change in my eCPM and therefore, revenue


The eCPM change is due to a drop in impressions from day to day. When there is a delayed revenue attribution, eCPM can look artificially high because impressions have dropped compared to the previous day/days.

Furthermore, having an average daily number of starts, less than 5,000 per day, will cause bigger fluctuations in eCPM.


eCPM generally evens out after periods of high impressions and fluctuation. It will therefore be likely, that more consistent statistics will be present in your dashboard in future.

If your eCPM does not return to normal, please do get in contact with us to investigate your individual case further.

More Information

Please see the Unity Ads FAQ pages for more information.

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