Can an existing customer get my asset upgrade for free?


  • I am upgrading my asset and would like my existing customers to receive the update for free
  • I would like to know how to make my upgrade free to my existing customers


You want to update and submit a new version of your asset on the Asset Store.

You do not however, want the customers who have already purchased your asset to have to purchase it again.


To make your asset upgrade free to your existing customers, you can enter a grace period (a certain amount of days) for the free upgrade to be valid.

Customers that have purchased your old package within that grace period will be able to get the new package for free. For example, if a Publisher set a grace period of 3 months on his upgrade this would mean that all customers that had purchased in the past 3 months would receive the upgrade for free. Customers that purchased the asset prior to the 3 month grace period would have to pay for the upgrade.

You can set a grace period within your Publisher Administration account under the tab ‘Upgrades’. It is not part of the submission process.

More Information

More on creating upgrades here.



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