Some of my static batching is being split into separate batches


  • My scene contains a group of static Mesh Renderers and a dynamic/ non-static Mesh Renderer. For some reason, the static Meshes are being split into separate draw calls.


Unity does a rough front-to-back sort for opaque objects, to increase GPU efficiency. This change can result in more batches (more CPU work).


If you know your application is more CPU-bound, then turning this behaviour off might be useful, e.g. "Camera.main.opaqueSortMode = UnityEngine.Rendering.OpaqueSortMode.NoDistanceSort;"

Please note that this sorting is done by the CPU, and only if it will benefit the GPU, for example this is off by default when on PowerVR/Apple GPUs because the geometry already gets sorted front-to-back by the GPU.

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This article applies to Unity version 5.x

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