How do I redeem an Asset Store voucher?


  • I have received a voucher from a Publisher/ from the Asset Store, for example, as part of a marketing campaign.
  • I have an Asset Store Credit voucher and I am wondering how to use this


Vouchers are credited to your account automatically if you purchase through our Sales Team. If you receive the voucher from a Publisher or in other circumstances, such as a competition prize, you will need to add the voucher to your account.


Please follow the steps below to redeem your voucher:

  1. Open the Unity software and go to the Asset Store (Window>Asset Store>Sign in if you have not been automatically)
  2. Click the icon to the top right of the Asset Store window where your username is shown to reveal the drop-down list.
  3. Click 'Redeem Voucher'
  4. Enter the voucher number and click 'Redeem Voucher Code'


If you have an Asset Store Credits voucher, this will add the credit to your account and you will be free to use this to make asset purchases up to the level of the voucher. Vouchers cannot be used for part transactions.

If your voucher was given to you by a Publisher for use on a particular asset or given to you through a marketing campaign, the asset in question should appear on your Asset Store downloads list once the voucher has been redeemed.

More Information

If you wish to purchase a voucher from our Sales Team, please see this article for guidance.

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    Nils Sørensen

    There seems to be no way to redeem vouchers on an organizational level? 

    Our developers use their personal unity ID's while doing development for our company - that's fine because we can effectively allocate/remove seats from an organization level.   

    This is not the case for assets. If a developer redeems a voucher the way instructed here, that developer will personally own the asset we bought for the company. If the developer leaves the project we can redistribute the plus/pro license seat easily, but the asset that developer redeemed is lost because we cannot redistribute those assets bound to developer accounts.
    Therefore, please make it possible to redeem assets on an organizational level. 

    Edited by Nils Sørensen
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    Hi there,

    Thank you very much for your comment and feedback.

    This is something that we have had a lot of requests for and we are looking into doing this as I do appreciate your concerns around tying company purchases to user accounts rather than company owned organizations.

    At this stage, I can only advise it's something we are looking at implementing but cannot give an ETA on when/if this ever happens. We'll be sure to update our users if we do implement this for the future.


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    Kinan Aldebes

    Hi! I have a few asset vouchers that I received from Humble Bundle today, but whenever I try to redeem it it tells me to "fix your billing address". I have followed the steps to fix my address and did this multiple times but the code redemption still fails. Could you please help me with this?

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    Karmo Man



    Where is the "Click 'Redeem Voucher'" ???

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