Mixed mode lighting - Baked vs RealTime shadows


  • My RealTime shadows in a baked scene look mismatched to the baked meshes, especially when RealTime shadows are on top of shadows baked into the scene.


  • The light shadow strength is set to high. 


  • This effect needs to be done by eye so that you can match the shadow intensity to those baked into the scene.
  • Additionally to this, Shadow masks have been added to 5.4.0b3 to help stop doubling up of baked shadows multiplying over the top of RealTime shadows.
More Information
For more information, please see our Docs on Shadows here and here.
This article applies to Unity version 5.3.1f1


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    Tijmen van den Heuvel

    The first link of the docs doesnt work, and i cannot find anything about Shadow Masks in the manual. In the release notes of 5.4 this is the only mention: 

    "Plan to fix this in the future by introducing baked shadow masks."

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