What is CS0618?


When trying to enter play mode, I am receiving the warning below:

warning CS0618: `___' is obsolete: `___'


The CS0618 warning is caused when you try to use an obsolete property or method.

The example below shows a script that uses the method "Application.LoadLevelAsync". This method is now obsolete and has been replaced with "SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync".

Errors displayed in this example:

warning CS0618: `UnityEngine.Application.LoadLevelAsync(string)' is 
obsolete: `Use SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync'


To fix the CS0618 error you will need to use the new property/method that has replaced the obsolete property/method. You can see this when hovering over the obsolete property/method or within the error displayed in the console.

Here is the example script with the new fix:

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