Are there any age restrictions on monetization with Unity Ads?


  • I am under 18 years old
  • I wish to publish my app with Unity Ads installed and would like to know if I can receive the payouts


There are often age restrictions in place when it comes to giving and receiving money online. Usually there is a restriction in place to prevent under 18s from moving funds online. In the case of Unity Ads, we have not placed a legal restriction on their use by underage developers, however it is up to the bank as to whether the transactions will go through.


There is no age restriction to using Unity Ads as such, however the details on your Unity Ads account information and the bank account details have to match. This means that it has to be your personal account in our records.

If your bank account is able to take payments of this kind, you can go ahead and use Unity Ads at any age. Accounts of this kind may not be available to underage users however. In the UK for example, users only have access to bank accounts with the full range of processes after age 18, so it would not be possible.

You may need to speak with your bank if you are unsure.

More Information

Please see the Unity Ads Terms of Service for more information about how you can use Ads.

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