I accidentally purchased two licenses


  • I have purchased a Unity Professional License from the Online Store
  • I have received two invoices for my purchase
  • I have been charged twice for my License purchase


This is an error that can sometimes occur due to one of these factors:

  • a server error at our end
  • a server error with the banks online system
  • a dip in your Internet connection at the time of purchase


Please contact support with both PDF Invoices you received from Unity or the Invoice numbers IN3XXXXXXXX. We will then refund the duplicate.

You can contact support here.

Please note, licenses can only be refunded if the request is made within 7 days of making a purchase AND the customer has not yet activated the Unity license.

More Information

Once a refund is processed it can take up to 10 days for the funds to transfer back to your account.


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