When and how will I receive my Asset Store payout?


  • I have not received my Asset Store payout/ I would like to know when to expect my payout
  • I want to know in which payment methods I can receive my payout


There are different methods of receiving Publisher payouts and depending on which you choose, this can affect when and how you receive your funds.


There are two payment options for Asset Store publisher payout.

  • PayPal – No minimum transfer, Monthly transfers
  • Wire - Minimum transfer $250, Quarterly transfers

Depending on the payment option you have chosen, you will be paid either monthly or quarterly.

PayPal - If you opt to use PayPal, you will be paid around the 15th of each month. You are paid for the month’s sales on the 15th of the next month. For example all Sales up to the end of April will be paid out on the 15th May; Sales from the 1st of May will be paid in June.

Wire - If you opt to use wire, you will receive your payment quarterly around the 15th of the month. These quarterly payments fall in January, April, July and October.

Please note, Publishers should allow some leniency on the payment date specified. There can be delays when transfers are made. For example, if the 15th falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday.

If you are experiencing problems with Asset Store Payout this can be due to the following:

  • Wire transfers can be delayed. It is likely that you will need to allow some flexibility around the set payment date of the 15th.  Payments can sometimes take until the 21st to clear.
  • Payments made to PayPal accounts can fail. Some countries have restrictions on Paypal, for example Russian and Ukrainian PayPal accounts. This prevents international payments from being received. If your PayPal account is the subject of Asset Store payout failure, we advise that you pick a wire transfer as your payment method.

If, after having chosen a wire transfer as your payment method, you have made less than the required $250 minimum; your sales will roll over to the next quarter and will be paid when $250 has been reached.

More Information

If your payments made via PayPal are failing and you are not using a Russian or Ukrainian PayPal account, please contact support with your Publisher name.

You can contact support here.


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    Peter Krell

    Hello, how about GEMA? Who´s paying the necessary GEMA fees?

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    Hi Peter,

    I'm not aware of what GEMA is - we don't offer this as an option. Please let me know if you can provide more information on this.

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    Leonid Deburger

    Hey, just recieved money by wire and was wondered about transaction fees. 
    It says on payout page " $20 Transaction fee. Minimum transfer $250.
    Quarterly transfers" but no fees was taken... Is it canceled yet?

    Edited by Leonid Deburger
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    Hey Leonld,

    Thank you for your message. Sincere apologies for the confusion here.

    I would suggest reaching out to us directly so we can look at your particular payout. You can contact us via the form here:

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    Thorsten Ames

    Hi there, I have a question regarding Payment. With this newly forced TFA system and me not owning either a phone or tablet of any sort, I will most likely be forced to cancel my Publishing Account. How do I receive my last payment after closing the account, since I will most likely be locked out without the Two Factor Authentication availability?


    Thorsten Ames

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    Pavel Yaumenchyk

    Quarterly transfers look like an absolute anachronism. Why don't you provide monthly wire payouts like everyone does?

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