I have paid off my subscription debts. Why isn’t my serial key active yet?


  • I have paid off my subscription debts with the independent Collections Agency, but my serial key has not been activated.
  • I no longer owe subscription payments to ESP, but I cannot access my Unity Pro account


Once a payment has been sent to the Collections Agency, they will contact us to confirm that it has come through. Sometimes this can take some time and we ask for your patience.


If your Unity Pro subscription has not been reactivated yet, it is likely that we are still waiting for confirmation from the Collections Agency.

Please allow some time for this confirmation to take place - It can take around a week for Collections to process payments and get in touch with us.

If you have been waiting for more than a week, please contact support here. We will be able to liaise with our finance department and see if we have received your funds from Collections.

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