What different payment methods are available to publishers?


  • I am an Asset Store Publisher
  • I am considering submitting content to the Asset Store
  • I wish to know what different payout methods are available to me


Most of our Publishers receive their payout through PayPal, though there can be issues with this if you are in a country with government restrictions on payments.


Most Publishers choose to get paid through PayPal. This is a monthly transfer with no fee. It is sent out on the 15th of each month and is usually in your PayPal account between the 15th and 18th.

Larger companies, or Publishers with PayPal issues (for example those in Greece, the Ukraine, or Russia) tend to go with Wire transfer payment, which is a quarterly transfer to your bank account. Wire payouts get sent out on the 15th of January, April, July, and October. Unity covers the transaction fee for these payouts, although you may be charged fees (for example for currency conversion) by your bank.

If your quarterly earnings are under $250, the payout rolls over until it reaches a quarter that there is over $250 in your account.


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