I want to be notified about new Patch Releases


  • I want to be alerted via email whenever a new Patch is released.


You may wish to know the minute a new Patch is released if it contains a bug fix which is helpful to your project.


There are a couple of ways to be notified about a new Patch Release:

To see the latest Patch Releases you can either go directly to the QA Patch archive here

Or, you can subscribe to this thread.

If you want to be notified of new Patch Releases, you can click on the Watch Thread command, which can be found just above the first post on the page. This lets you tell the Forum system to send you an email whenever a new post is made to the thread.

Please note, you will have to specify if you want to be notified by email; the default setting is to notify you through only your forum profile/control panel.

More Information

For more information on the Unity Patch Release Roadmap then see this blog here

Please see this Forum Post about new patches.


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