I get a message saying "Checking License. Unity is checking your license authorization - stay tuned!" when I launch the Editor


  • I am attempting to activate Unity
  • I receive a "Checking License" message, which does not allow me to progress


You have launched your Unity editor and you are receiving the error:

"Checking License. Unity is checking your license authorization - stay tuned!"

This can happen because Unity has failed to connect to our license servers.


This happens sometimes if there is a problem with Unity (versions 5.1 or higher) connecting to the license server.

Please try the following suggestions:

  1. You have a firewall or proxy in place. These can block the connection to our servers. Please try allowing these ports in your settings: 80 and 443.
  2. You have an anti-virus software that is blocking the connection. Please try disabling this and seeing if the activation will work.
  3. You have a weak or intermittent Internet connection - this is less likely than the points above.

If you cannot get your activation to go through after following the suggestions above, you will need to select the 'work offline' option to get into the software without connecting to the license servers. This will allow you to work, but you will not be connected to the Asset Store, or Cloud Build Services.

If the software will not allow you to access the 'work offline' option under the face icon, please try activating manually by following this process:

More Information

If you are unable to return your licenses yourself then see this article here.
If you encounter problems with your proxy during activation please read here.
If you continue to experience this issue, please contact support here.


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    If you encounter problems with your proxy during activation please read here.

    the link is down

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    You may also need to go to licenses and manually add a new license. You can add the personal license which is free.

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