I am logging in with my UDN account, but cannot see my projects and earnings listed.


  • I have been instructed by the front page of Ads to sign in with my main Unity Developer Account (UDN)
  • I cannot see my projects and earnings listed as I have in the past


As of November 2015, Unity Ads is now linked to your main Unity account, rather than on a separate account. Since the switch, a few users have experienced their projects disappearing from the list in Ads and the earning information is also missing.


Please ensure that you are signing in with the correct email address for your Unity account, rather than your Unity Ads login.

If you need to check which email address is the correct one to use, please get in touch with us, including your Developer ID in the message and we will look up your account.

More Information

For information on general website failures, please see this article.

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