I am unable to activate Unity because I have "No Network Connection"


  • I am trying to activate Unity and I am getting a error stating I have no network connection
  • My PC is behind a proxy


You are unable to open the Unity Editor and activate your version of Unity because you can see this error screen:

This error may occur due to the following:

  • Your network connection is running behind a firewall, proxy or anti-viral software. This can block the connection to our servers. 
  • You have a weak or intermittent Internet connection.


Initially, click the face icon in the top right and select 'Work Offline'.

If this does not work, you need to perform a manual activation.

1. Unplug your machine from the Internet
2. Run Unity and you will be prompted to initiate the manual activation process.
3. Follow these steps here.

More Information

Please see this article for more guidance on network errors.


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    Many of us are using a VPN 24/7. Having to de-activate it to use Unity is just unacceptable. Many online services send you an SMS or mail confirmation to white list an IP and let you use their service even if behind a proxy. Wouldn't it be about time to offer us that kind of solution ?

    I wouldn't mind having to use always the same VPN Node because it's been white listed. But I very much mind being forced to use none.

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