Can I run the Unity Web Player from within my closed network? Is there an offline version of the Web Player?


  • I work for an Educational institution with extremely strict firewalls
  • I work for the military/government
  • I wish to run the Web Player offline


You see the following error: 

"Unity Web Player needs to be reinstalled"

This happens because some of our users are operating behind extremely strict firewalls and as a result, the Web Player cannot connect to our servers to update itself.

In cases where the firewall settings cannot be altered sufficiently, you may need to use the offline version of the Web Player.


In the past, we offered a purchasable offline version of the Web Player, licensed through our Sales team. Since Web Player is now being deprecated in favour of supporting WebGL, we are now offering the offline version for free. Please find the links to download it here.

Please see the documentation here for more details on the set-up of the offline version.

More Information

The offline version of the Web Player is often used by our military users, though until November 2015, it only worked with Unity 3.x and 4.x. There are now 5.x versions available as well.


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