Am I able to offer a discount on my own assets?


  • I would like to offer a discount on my asset
  • Am I allowed to offer a discount on my asset outside of the official Asset Store sales?
  • What changes can I make to my asset to display the discount?


You would like to lower the price of your existing asset. This could be part of a plan to increase sales, or as part of a deal you would like to offer to your customers.


You are able to personally discount your assets on the Asset Store. There are however, rules in doing so.

Firstly, the only place you can state the discount is in the descriptive text of the asset. Any changes to artwork, such as banners or logos that draw attention to a separate 'Sale' to the Unity Asset Store's own sales, are prohibited.

You can change the price of your asset via your Publisher administrator account. This will be reviewed by the Asset Store team similarly to a new update. If they approve the price update, it will appear on the Store.


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