How do I delete an Organization from my account?


  • I have an Organization on my Unity account that I do not wish to use. 
  • There are a number of different Organizations on my Unity account. I wish to delete the duplicate Organizations.


You can see current Organizations in your account.

You can update the name of your Organization and invite new members to join by clicking on the Settings button. There is an button to add a New Organization, but there is no button to delete the Organizations you have created.


There is not an option to delete Organizations from your account at present. Unity is currently working on creating a feature to make this possible for the future.

You might not be able to delete the Organization, but a recommended workaround is to rename it.

If the Organization does not belong to you, you can just leave the Organisation in the Organisation settings. 

More Information

If you have any question about the Organizations in Unity Services please let us know in any of our Services forums.  


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  • 22
    Simeon Conzendorf

    "Unity is currently working on creating a feature to make this possible for the future."

    This was three years ago. I still can not find the button to delete unnecessary organisations. It shouldn't be too complicated to find someone in the universe who can create a button which deletes a database entry.

  • 2
    William Dawson

    Why is this even an issue?!

  • 2
    Piper Gordon

    It seems that if you, accidentally or otherwise, have an extra organization, then it *must* have an address in order for you to redeem vouchers in the asset store.

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