Why can't I use version control?


  • My Version Control option is greyed out.
  • I am trying to set up version control integration in Unity. In the Editor, if I go to Window - Version Control and can see this option is not available:


You will need to be using a Pro license with Team License features to use Version Control.

All Unity 5.x licenses come with Team License as standard, though older licenses required an add-on. If you have a 4.x or 3.x license, you may not have the add-on.


You must have a Unity Professional License with a Team License attached to use Version Control Integration features. 

The Team License is included when you purchase a Unity 5 Professional License or Unity Professional Subscription. 

If you use the Unity 5 Editor, you will have access to the Team License.

If you are using the Unity 4 or 3 Editor, even if you have a Unity 5 Professional license, it will not give you access to the Team License function as it was a separate add-on feature in Unity 4.x

You will also need to have the Asset Server setup. You can do this via the Setup Guide.

To enable Version Control Integration for Unity 4, you will need to speak with sales by submitting your inquiry for a team license to our sales team via this link.

Your local sales adviser will be able to help you so set this up.

More Information

Team license is slowly being replaced with Unity Collaborate.

See this document for a manual on setting up your Version Control Integration


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