How do I add members to my organization?


  • I need to invite other users to my Organization.
  • I invited a someone, but they cannot see the Organization in their account. 


You wish to invite new members to join your Organization so that they can access Projects, Services or license seats. Invitations need to be accepted by the invitee via email before they can see the Organization in their account.


1. Go here and log in.

2. Click the Organizations button.

3. Find the Organization that you wish to add members to and click the Cogwheel Icon.

4. Under Members and Groups click See all.

5. Click the + Add Member button.

6. Enter the email and select the role of the person you wish to invite and click the Add button.

7. This will send an e-mail to the invitee that they will need to open and follow in order to accept the invitation.

More Information

There is no limit to the number of Organization members that can be associated to a Project.

If you want to add members that do not currently have an account with Unity, you can just go through the same process. This will send an email to the specified email address requesting that they create a new Unity ID Account. Once this has been completed, their account will automatically be added to your Organization members.

If you have any question about the Organizations in Unity Services please let us know in any of our Services forums.  

For more information about how to give access to other users with Unity Collaborate, see this article.


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