I want my game to trigger an AudioClip, but I cannot hear anything. What is going wrong?


  • I am having trouble playing AudioClips during specific events
  • I want audio to play when my player enters a trigger zone
  • I cannot hear any audio playing


You have created a C# script for an audio trigger in Unity that tells the audio to start playing when a player enters a trigger zone and stop when the player exits.

You have assigned an AudioClip to an Audio Source and attached this to a GameObject in your game.

Your script shows no errors according to the Console (located in the bottom left corner of the Unity Editor), but when your player enters the trigger zone you cannot hear any audio playing.


There are potentially two reasons for not hearing the audio when entering a trigger zone:

  1. The Audio Source is located too far away from the audio listener attached to the Scene’s Main Camera. This causes the sound to fade too much to be heard.
  2. You do not have a Rigidbody attached to your Collider or GameObject. Trigger events are only sent if a Collider or GameObject has a Rigidbody attached.

You can make the Audio Source be heard at a longer distance by changing the min/max distance properties in the 3D Sound Settings in your Inspector. Or you can make the audio play at the specific distance you want it to be heard by attaching the Audio Source to your Player Controller’s Main Camera in the Hierarchy window.

Select your chosen Collider and ensure it is set to “is trigger” in the Inspector. Click Add Component. You can search Rigidbody and attach this to your Collider. You can add a Rigidbody to a GameObject the same way. The trigger will not register a collision with an incoming Rigidbody so instead you will need to modify your script to call OnTriggerEnter(); when the Rigidbody enters or exits the trigger zone. Below is a C# script showing how audio is played as soon as the Player enters a trigger zone.

More Information

For more information on Colliders then see this documentation here


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    Nio Jackson

    im still having trouble with this..have been for month now..ive tried using the template above and im still getting no sound..what am I doing wrong? please help

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    Jeff Blumenthal

    Try this

    AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(audioclip, transform.position, 1f);

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    Try watching this video it may help you:

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