Why can't I update my new Forum Account with my old Username?


  • My Forum Account does not work any more
  • I cannot retrieve the Username from my old Account


You want to register a new Unity Account with a Username registered on an old Account, but the Username is not available.

This means there is another account with that username, which is no longer accessible. Depending on when you registered your original Account, we switched systems and if you did not log in during the migration period your accounts got a _legacy tag. All accounts with this _legacy tag were closed in the old system and the Usernames were added to a block list.


If your Username is not available then it may have been blocked for legacy reasons. If it is removed from the block list it will be unblocked and broken, so unfortunately this means we cannot retrieve the Username any more.

You have the option to adjust your Username with an accepted special character such as an underscore "_", dash "-", or add a number to make it unique. You can also choose to use a new Username entirely.

More Information

For more information on changing your Username then see this article here


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