ArgumentException: The thing you want to instantiate is null.


  • I am getting the error below appearing in my console:
error ArgumentException: The thing that you want to instantiate is null. 
Unity Engine.Object.CheckNullArgument (System.Object arg,


This error is caused when you use a script to instantiate a GameObject that does not reference a prefab.


You will need to assign a reference to the GameObject that you wish to instantiate via the inspector or a script.

Via the inspector:

Create reference via a script:

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    This is not true, and though not deeply, then for the newbee it is in contrast to this info:

    However, it does often happen in cases where people for example are using new on a Monobehaviour, or maybe have a Dont Destroy On Load persistant Game manager type of setup that both holds scripts that should load prefabs while at the same time do things such as load scenes with for example

    SceneManager.LoadScene(1, LoadSceneMode.Single);
    which in return will kill what you just instantiated, giving you the error..
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    Sepideh Bayati

    this isnt work for me. i even copied the actual path in the "Load" part but it isnt still working and My Object in inspector is still None

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    Rune Juul Brunshøj

    What if I only get the error when my clients, not the host, call the instantiation? 

    Host can instantiate objects just fine, and the clients will see them. 

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    Bolt no longer works not even in a new blank project

    what is wrong?


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