Can I submit an asset that uses Unity Standard Assets?


  • I have made an asset to submit to the Asset Store. I have used a Unity Standard Asset within this.
  • My asset/project uses Unity Standard Assets. I would like to know if I am breaking the Asset Store Provider Agreement by doing this.


Unity Standard Assets are intended for educational purposes while you are learning to use Unity. They are freely accessible to all Unity users, but not to be used within asset submissions of your own.


You are allowed to use Unity Standard Assets within your own games and projects.

You are not however, allowed to redistribute any Unity Standard Assets as an asset package, or with very little changes made. You cannot resell it or identically duplicate it. This is restricted - a form of piracy and your asset submission will not be accepted to the Unity Asset Store.

More information

Please see the full Asset Store provider agreement here.

Submission guidelines can be found here.


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    1) What about if I submit a "Complete project" or scene to the asset store which uses COMPONENTS of a standard asset only? For example, my own character and scripts, controlled by the single stock controller for Android prefab?

    2) Also in the case that I submit a "complete project", can that project contain free assets from the store? For example, in the case that I submit an RPG, and some weapons in the game are free assets from the store, is this allowed?

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    Mikael Högström

    @Justin Yeah, there are many such "Complete Projects" in the asset store which includes some parts from both standard assets and other unity assets like "Bootcamp". This is allowed, I remember reading some where that Unity explicitly allowed using their assets as placeholders in such assets.

    The same cannot be said of other free assets, unless explicitly stated in their specific license of course. I have included parts of a free asset in my own after contacting the author though.

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