How do I upgrade my Subscription to the most recent version of Unity?


  • I have purchased a Unity Pro or Plus Subscription
  • I need to upgrade my Subscription to the latest version of Unity


If you have a purchased a Unity Pro subscription license, you will automatically have access to the latest versions of Unity during the course of your contract with us. You will also have access to the benefits that come with your license tier and any previous versions of Unity that you may wish to use.

Any new Unity versions which are released during your subscription plan are automatically included at no additional cost.


Subscriptions will automatically upgrade to the latest version, so the license you own currently should be compatible with Unity 5, 4 and 3 versions.

To use the most current version of Unity, go here to download it and activate your license in the new version.

More Information

For more information on subscription tiers and the levels of access to Services they allow, please see our Store.

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