How do I purchase a voucher for the Asset Store?


  • I would like to purchase an asset store voucher as a gift
  • I would like to purchase an asset for someone else by giving them a voucher


Since Assets are linked to accounts you cannot make purchases on behalf of another user/customer so a workaround would be to purchase a voucher.


You will need to contact the Sales Team to purchase a voucher.

Once you have made your purchase, the voucher amount will be added to your Asset Store account. You can then use the balance to purchase assets.

Please note: If you are purchasing a voucher for someone else to use, you must ensure that you give the Sales Team their account details - the email address they use to access Unity - so that the voucher is set up on the correct account.

More Information

Please note: There is usually a $1000 minimum on voucher purchases, but your salesperson can give you more information on this.


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