How do I add an add-on to my license?


  • I have a Unity Pro license, but I need to build to mobile platforms.
  • I would like to know how I can add an add-on to an existing license.


If you have a Pro license, in the past you needed to purchase iOS Pro and/or Android Pro add-ons separately to deploy to mobile platforms.


As of June 28th 2016, our licenses include the iOS and Android add-ons at no extra cost. This means that if you have a Pro or Plus subscription, you can deploy to iOS and Android without an add-on.

Personal Edition users also have iOS and Android deployment included for free.

If you own a subscription purchased before 28th June 2016, or a perpetual license, you can migrate to the new licensing system to gain access to iOS and Android deployment without an add-on.

More Information

You can see the full licensing options at our Store page.

For more information on migration, please see this article.


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