I cannot log in to my account due to a password, username or email error.


  • I am trying to reset my password and keep getting the error "Reset password token is invalid"
  • I am trying to change my password with the link but I get the error "Username is invalid"
  • I am trying to reset my password and keep getting the error "Invalid email"


If you receive the error "Reset password token is invalid": 

This is because you have not copied the URL link provided in the token reset email correctly into your browser or you are using a different email client.

If you receive the error "Username is invalid":

This is because our accounts server fails to recognize a username with uncommon characters such as "@!?.#()". In nearly all cases the user will need to change their Username to something valid so as not to confuse the system.

If you have received the error "Email is invalid": 

This is because the email address is being entered incorrectly. You will need to make sure you are typing the email address all in lower case.


To make sure your reset password token is valid, you will need to make sure you are copying the URL correctly and using the correct email client.

To change your username, please see the article here

To reset your password, please see the article here

More Information

If you have been locked out of your account due to password related issues then see this article here


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    Jack Kirby Crosby

    can't log into my unity still... definitely typing the password and login correctly, overtime click the forgot password link it doesn't actually send me an email, despite knowing i received a confirmation email from unity not 5 minutes before. very frustrating 


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    Hi Jack,

    Are you still having problems logging into your Unity account?

    It might be that the systems needed a little time to register your account! Please let me know if you are still having any issues however.

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    Nathan Carnevale

    I get the confirmation email, but when i click the link it says its not a valid link anymore... WHAT DO I DO????


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    Hi Nathan,

    Looking at your account, I can see that you have now been able to login.

    However, f the link in your email is still not allowing you to confirm your account, please send a support ticket into our Customer Service team at ''.

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