When will I get paid for my Unity Ads revenue?


  • I am a publisher using Unity Ads in my apps to generate revenue
  • I would like to know when I can expect payment for my Ads revenue


Unity Publisher payouts (for example if a user purchases one of your assets) are sent out on the 15th of every month, so you can expect to receive the revenue by the 20th, if not before. Ads have a different payment scheme and do not work in the same way.


Initially, you need to invoice your earnings from us. Once we have received the invoice from you, it will usually take 30 days for us to release the funds. Please add few business days for the wire to come through.

To request payment, you must submit an invoice to accountspayable-fi@unity3d.comThe invoices are then recorded correctly and properly processed in our system.

If this is your first payment request or you wish to change the wire transfer details, the please send us your Wire Transfer Form.

More Information

Please see the Unity Ads FAQ pages here.

This page is good for all Ads payments-related questions.

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