How many adverts will users see per hour? Is there a limit to the number of ads seen?


  • I am a publisher using Unity Ads in my apps to generate revenue
  • I would like to know how many adverts my users can expect to see


We want to ensure that Unity Ads supports our publisher’s, but also that adverts are not seen so frequently as to disrupt game-play.


Users are limited to 25 ads per day, per app. They are also limited to seeing the same advert only once per hour.

The availability of ads is not guaranteed - it particularly depends on the location of the user. This is why we provide methods to first check if ads are ready and can be shown.

For most of Europe and North America, this typically is not an issue. In countries where there are less ads available, the effects of this can be more obvious. For instance, if there are only 12 ad campaigns available in a user's country, they will only be able to see up to 12 ad campaigns per hour.

If the user views their daily limit of 25 ads, they will not see any more ads until the next day. During development, it is recommended that you enable test mode to ensure you will always have test ads available. You can enable/disable Test Mode when initializing the SDK, or by setting the Ad Test Mode to Force All under the Monetization Settings tab of the game profile in the Unity Ads Admin.

More Information

Please see the Unity Ads FAQ pages here for more information.


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