Cloud Build Lightmap Baking


  • My build in Cloud Build is much darker than a local build.
  • 3D assets are dark when using Cloud Build to build the game.


Unity Cloud Build does not currently support building light maps. There are a couple of possible causes which might explain what is going wrong:

  • You are using Precomputed Realtime GI for your scene and the Auto Build for lightmaps is enabled. 
  • Your build results are not checked into your repository. 


Make sure that you have turned off Auto Build in your scenes (it is a per-scene setting), and manually build (and commit) your light maps. Depending on what your scene includes, you will need to commit the following files:

  • LightingData.asset
  • LightmapSnapshot.asset
  • Lightmap-xxx.exr
  • Lightprobe-xxx.exr

The files are stored in a subfolder named after the scene in the same folder as your scene. For more information about lightmaps please read here

More Information

For more information about lighting please read here
Discuss the issue in the Forums here

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    Hessvacio Hassan

    Hey, any updates on when this would be supported?

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