Why can’t I download an Asset?


  • I have purchased an Asset and have received my PDF invoice.
  • I cannot download an Asset that I have purchased from the Unity Asset Store.


Assets don't automatically download to your computer upon purchase. You can only download your purchase from within the Unity Editor via the Asset Store window.


You need to download your Assets through the Unity Editor. Follow this process:

  1. Open the Unity Editor
  2. Go to Window > Asset Store
  3. Log into the Asset Store using your Unity account details
  4. In the store, search for the Asset you purchased
  5. Click the Download or Import button to download the Asset


If your Asset begins to download but stops halfway through the process, you might be experiencing one of these common connection issues: 

  • You have a firewall or proxy in place, which is blocking the connection to the server. Try allowing these ports in your settings: 80 and 443
  • You have anti-virus software running. Please try disabling this temporarily to download the Asset.
  • You have a weak or intermittent Internet connection. You can check your connection through many speed check sites such as Speed Test. If you do experience weak or intermittent connection issues, speak to your ISP or Network Administrator for further assistance.

Also check that you have enough disk space to download the file, and that the Asset you are downloading fully supports the version of Unity you are using.

More Information

When you download an Asset, it goes to the following directory by default:

Windows: User > AppData > Roaming > Unity > Asset Store

Mac - User > Library > Unity > Asset Store


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