I have accidentally purchased a subscription. Can you please cancel it?


  • I have purchased a subscription within the last 7 days and I have realized I do not need it.


You may not have realized that there was a 12 month commitment period and you are unable to commit to this contract.

It could also be that you thought that the subscription contract was on a month to month basis, and that you could cancel at any time.


If your serial key has not yet been activated, please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help.

If your serial key has been activated, unfortunately our subscription team may not be able to cancel your license.

More Information

If you feel the above scenario applies to you, please contact us.

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    Daniliuc Claudiu Lucian

    I want to tank you to unity3d for stealing money from my bank account with a subscription that do not exist.

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