Can our Studio purchase more than 3 subscriptions under one Unity account?


  • We are a company that would like to purchase a number of subscriptions under one Unity account.
  • I have more than 3 subscriptions and would like payment to be on one invoice


We all know what it can be like to get 'drowned' in paperwork. The Unity Solutions package allows companies with more than 3 subscriptions to consolidate their account into one account with just one invoice that covers all Licenses. This may make things a lot simpler.


If you are a company looking to purchase over 3 subscriptions, you can speak to your local Sales Representative about Unity Solutions. Through our sales team, you can purchase more than 3 subscriptions at once. They are managed offline by our team, and a single invoice is issued for all licenses under a single studio account.

The packages are based around the subscription licenses for larger teams and can scale with Training, Premium Support and Consultancy Services, depending on your requirements.

More Information

Invoices are typically broken down into 4 quarterly payments. If your team need to scale (add more subscriptions) in this time, we pro rata the next quarterly invoice accordingly and simply add activations to the serial keys in place!

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