How do I activate my Educational license on multiple machines at once?


  • I have an Educational license
  • I have more than one machine that I need to activate


Often our Educational license holders need to activate on a full lab of machines at one time. Although this is not yet possible, we do now support batch file activation, which makes things a lot easier.


It is not yet possible to activate more than one machine at a time. The quickest way to work through your lab is to activate silently by using this command line argument:

C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe" -batchmode -username -password XXXXXXXXXXXXX -serial  E3-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX -quit

The email and password used will be the same as your Unity web account. If you are a Lecturer/ Teacher, please create an admin account to use for your manual activation.
Please see the attached document for more guidance and let us know if you have any further problems.

Also, please see the following tips which may help with activation too:

Please try allowing these ports: 80 and 443 

You can also try whitelisting these URLs:

More Information

Please see the following links for more information on other types of license activation:


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    JCS Unity

    This works well but the account used to activate the software is still logged in when the users open the software giving them access to change account settings. How do you log that user out so they can use the software in Offline Mode?

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear you are having some issues with your Educational activation.

    If you have activated with an admin account, you will need to locate the license file after activating and save it in a shared area for that machine.

    This means if a different user signs into the machine, the activation should be there and they will not need to be logged in with the admin account.

    License files are found here:
    * Windows: C:\ProgramData\Unity
    * Mac: Library/Application Support/Unity

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    JCS Unity

    The software activates fine and any user can login and use the activated program. The problem I am having is that the admin account used to activate the program is still logged into the program and the students can click manage account and it takes them to the online account management page. I need to know how to sign out the admin account as part of the cmd line activation so the students use the program in "work offline", ie not able to access the Asset Store. I am using the below deployment guide and option 1 on the first page.


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    South Kitsap HS Game Design

    @JCS Unity I noticed the same problem in my lab - but only on the one machine where I was logged in when the script to install the license ran. I was not left logged in to any of the other machines. Once I logged out of my Unity account on that one machine I was not logged in when I relaunched Unity.

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    South Kitsap HS Game Design

    I used this PowerShell script to deploy licenses to the machines in my lab (running Windows 7). It is relatively easy and quick. Let we know if you have questions about the process:

    $Hostnames = cat $LabConfigDir\TargetMachines\hostnames.txt
    $Sessions = New-PSSession $Hostnames

    invoke-command -Session $Sessions -ScriptBlock { & "C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe" -quit -batchmode -serial E3-AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD -username -password guess }

    If you use this, make sure that the commands don't break across lines - there are only three lines above.  You'll also need to have a relatively recent version of PowerShell installed (it seems to be installed by default, but at least on Windows 7 the version needs to be updated - its a free download) and you may need to enable remote execution and allow scripts. You do not need to be logged in to the machines you are installing the license on.

    Edited by South Kitsap HS Game Design
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    Christopher Palmer

    How can I tell whether a installation is activated after a network install? We live behind a proxy.

    Edited by Christopher Palmer
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    LG Carreón

    Hi, my name is Laura Carreon, I  want to design a Unity day event at my university, and  I wonder how can I get some help from you, in order to have some workshops or lectures. I'm the coordinator of the 3D design and videogame program.


    Thank you

    Laura Carreón

    Universidad Incarnate Word Campus Bajío 

    Irapuato, Guanajuato, México 

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    Chris Lemon

    I was running into a strange edge case that wasted a bunch of my time and wanted to leave a comment here for anyone who might run into this in the future.  I had a % sign in my auto generated password and it turns out that the percent sign is a special case in windows command line that will work just fine at a command prompt but will not run in a saved .bat file.  In order for it to run in saved .bat file you will need to type %%.  

    Found this info after an hour or two of trying to understand what was going on:

    The percent sign (%) is a special case. On the command line, it does not need quoting or escaping unless two of them are used to indicate a variable, such as %OS%. But in a batch file, you have to use a double percent sign (%%) to yield a single percent sign (%). Enclosing the percent sign in quotation marks or preceding it with caret does not work. (

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    Yvan Cartwright

    Hi. We seem to be having an issue with using this method with the 2019.2.1 version (not tried other 2019 versions) but it worked with 2018.2. Has anyone got this working with 2019?

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    ICT - University of Hull

    We're experiencing a similar issue as Yvan. When we try to activate 2019.1.5 it returns error level 1, which we believe is that Unity cannot retrieve a valid WinSAT assessment. Again the same command works fine with 2018.

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