How do I cancel my subscription?


  • I no longer wish to subscribe to Unity
  • I cannot afford my subscription payments
  • I do not use my subscription any more


You have decided, for one reason or another, that you do not need your Unity Pro subscription any more.


If you have finished your 12 month contract:

Yes, you can cancel your subscription.

Unity subscriptions have a minimum 12 month commitment period. If you have completed this commitment period, there are two possible ways to prevent your subscription from continuing:

1) Licenses purchased before June 28th 2016

  1. Go here
  2. Log in to the account attached to the subscription
  3. Go here
  4. Click "My Account"
  5. Click Manage Subscription
  6. Click the cancel subscription check box.

2) Licenses purchased after June 28th 2016 (please note that you must be the Owner of the Organization to complete this process)

  1. Sign in here
  2. Go to the Organizations tab and navigate to the Organization you wish to manage
  3. Click on the cog icon in the subscriptions section Screen_Shot_2017-03-21_at_11.38.45.png
  4. On the next page go to 'Manage subscription' and click the Automatic renewal button to 'Off' and 'Save'Screen_Shot_2017-03-21_at_11.40.09.png

This will cancel your subscription from the next billing date. For example, if my monthly billing date was on the 5th of each month, setting auto-renew to off would cancel it from the 5th of the next month. This will ensure that your subscription remains active for as long as you have paid for.

If you have not finished your 12 month contract:

If you are still within your 12 month commitment period, you are obliged to make the monthly payments until this commitment period has ended. Please see the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to during the purchase here.

If payments are not made, user's accounts are suspended after 21 days. After 42 days, any outstanding subscription payments are sent to an independent Collection Agency. Users are required to pay the full amount owing for the preceding months.

If you have further questions about subscription cancellation, please contact Support here.

More Information

Please see the Subscriptions FAQ for more information.


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