Can I purchase an asset via bank transfer?


  • I want to purchase an asset
  • I do not have a PayPal account
  • My credit card will not work on the asset store website


Certain countries have restrictions on PayPal and credit card accounts that do not allow them to send money outside of their country.


You can absolutely pay for an asset via a bank transfer, but there is a bit of a process to it!

Please follow this process to purchase your asset:

  1. Go to the Sales Contact page here.
  2. Email them to request an asset purchase via bank transfer. You will need to give them the Asset’s name and price as well.
  3. They will sell you a voucher, which you will pay for by bank transfer.
  4. The voucher will appear on your Asset Store account upon your next sign-in. You can cash it in during checkout to purchase the asset.

Please note that there is usually a $1000 minimum on voucher purchases, but your salesperson can give you more information on this.

If you are purchasing a voucher for someone else to use, you must ensure that you give the sales team their account details - the email address they use to access Unity - so that the voucher is set up on the correct account.

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    nikita patil

    I also want to purchase asset via bank transfer. I want account details of unity asset store or where I have to transfer the money so that I can make bank transaction. Will you please provide me bank details.

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