Why is my Unity ID Account disabled?


  • When I log into my account, I can see that my account has been disabled.
  • I see this message when logging in:


Accounts can be disabled for many different reasons. Sometimes they are disabled by Moderators on the Asset store and Community pages. At other times, they are disabled due to the owners request.

The Finance team will suspend access to Unity Accounts if they have reason to suspect chargebacks, or other fraudulent behaviour on Subscription or Asset Store payments.

The Asset Store team also have the power to disable Unity Accounts on the grounds of Piracy and Copyright Infringement.


If you want to re-enable an account, or you would like more information on the reasons for the disabling of your account, then you can contact support here.

If the account can be re-enabled, it should not take long before the account is usable again.

If the account cannot be re-enabled, the Support Team will notify you and also state the reasons why the account was disabled.

More Information

If you wish to change the Username attached to your account then see the article here

If you wish to change the e-mail address attached to your account then see the article here

If you wish to disable your account then see the article here


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