How do I transfer an Asset Store purchase from one account to another?


  • I need to share an asset with another developer on my team
  • I would like to consolidate all my asset purchases into one Unity account
  • I have purchased assets on an ex-employee's account and need to move the assets to a central account
  • I purchased an asset on the wrong Unity ID.
  • I have purchased an Asset for ‘Multi-entity’ use. How do I give my colleagues access to this Asset?


There are a few reasons why you may wish to move assets between accounts, whether for administrative or personal reasons. For security reasons, asset purchases are attached to the purchasing account, so it is not possible to transfer them.


Since Asset Store purchases are bound to the purchasing account, it is not possible to transfer them. 

If you have purchased an Asset for ‘Multi-entity’ use, please see the article ‘How do I merge accounts’ for more information on how to share Asset files.

If you have purchased an Asset on the wrong Unity ID, you will need to contact the Publisher of the Asset directly. Because Unity does not own third-party Assets, it is entirely at the Publishers discretion to provide a refund in cases such as this.

Please see the article ‘How do I merge accounts’ for more information on what you can do to preserve your Asset purchases. 

More Information:

Asset Store EULA 

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    Brian Davis

    I really appreciate this topic being addressed. I cannot understand why there is no way to transfer licenses for asset store purchases. As a developer, I know this cannot be a difficult task. It's a database update. Change owner from x to y. Done.

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    If I purchased assets on my private email and then I start the company. Are these assets still valid for the company I own?

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    Akeesh Kumar

    Hi, I wanna share assets purchased to my developer, how can I do that...!!

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