How do I process a refund for my customer?


  • A customer has requested a refund of one of my assets.
  • They have provided their Unity Invoice number


Customers may ask for refunds for any number of reasons. It is up to you whether to authorize them, though we generally draw the line when purchases have been made more than 6 months ago.


If you are happy to grant a refund to your customer, please contact Support here with these details:

  • Your Publisher name
  • Your asset name
  • The invoice number of the customer
  • Your authorization for us to process a refund

More Information

Once a refund has been processed by us, the customer will have the funds transferred back to their bank account within 10 days. The refund will always go to the account that the purchase was made from, whether that is a bank account, or Paypal account.

We only give refunds without your authorization in one instance - if there has been an error with our servers that has caused multiple purchases of the same asset within minutes of each other, we will refund the duplicate(s).

You can view our Asset Store EULA for more information.


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