Why was my asset declined?


  • My asset has been declined from the Asset Store
  • I would like more feedback to understand why my asset has been declined


The Asset Review team is in charge of maintaining the high standard of Assets in the store.

The Asset Store team may have declined your submission because it did not meet our standards.


If you did not receive much information, there may be too much which needs to change for the Asset to hit the necessary criteria to be accepted.

The Review Team usually provides specific feedback via email. Generally, if the Review team has suggestions to get the Asset to the standard it needs to be, they will provide you with some tips in their reply. 

When developing your Asset, you may be able to increase your chances by keeping in mind the following points:

  • We want to encourage diversity in our Store as much as possible, so if there are already similar Assets on the store to the one you are developing, it will be less likely accepted.
  • The art style needs work. If it does not currently meet our standards it will not be accepted. We want to host the best possible Assets for our users.
  • Your Asset needs to meet the submission guidelines. Please review these to be sure that you have included all necessary files.

More Information

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For more guidance on how to submit your asset, please see the Submission Guidelines and the Asset Store Publishing Guide for more details.


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    Unity Asset Store support can definitely do a better job, feels very shallow and unsupportive.
    In my experience they were slow to review and their declined response very short, not even a canned link Q/A.

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